Supporting our Military Families

It’s tough to imagine being separated from your family and friends for lengthy periods of time, or being sent to distant, dangerous locations in order to defend our Country and our Freedom. It’s a sacrifice that very few of us have experienced. Thus, many family members face significant challenges and financial stress due to the job that their deployed family member left behind.

Listed below are a couple examples of how we help support our Military Families…

2021 Donation

Dear Shoot for the Troops,

Thank you so much for your donation of $10,000 to Veteran Valor Farm!  This was the largest single donation outside of a grant that we’ve received to date and feel truly blessed by your support😊

As you were able to see with your tour of our facilities, we have a lot of work ahead to get up and running.  Your donations will directly impact getting our facility opened (planned by summer of 2022).  Without the fire and flood tragedies of 2021, we’re certain we’d already be operating.  Our intent is to utilize the funding provided by your organization to pay for the electrical and plumbing destroyed by the fire of our pump house.

Although we’re not updating our online presence regularly, please visit our Facebook page or website for future updates and press releases

2020 Donation
The Recovery Community Network is passionate about assisting veterans in recovery or veterans who are seeking recovery services.  Four of our board members are veterans in long-term recovery. We hold a special charge to assist anyone in the veteran community who may be living with or seeking help with a substance use disorder.
We seek to provide services to our veterans and their family members through peer-to-peer services and collaboration with other veteran friendly agencies.  Through a grant from the State of Minnesota we have a dedicated staff-member who works specifically with our veteran population assisting our veterans with all aspects of recovery.
With funding provided by the State of Minnesota and the Shoot for the Troops foundation we were able to provide 46 hours of recovery training to 15 veterans.  These 15 veterans are now trained in peer recovery techniques which will enable them to provide recovery services to other veterans who may be struggling with a drinking or drug problem.
Additionally, in 2021 we were able to assist over 70 individuals looking for housing, we provided weekly telephone recovery services to over 50 individuals and we provided on-going recovery services to over 100 veterans.

2020 Donation

Dear Shoot for the Troops,

Thank you so much for your generous donation of $5,000 to Veteran Valor Farm!

We have used these funds to install an ADA compliant electronic entry door for one of our two homes on the farm and are in the process of remodeling our bathroom to be ADA compliant with the remaining funds and other donations. This funding was and is crucial to our success in opening our doors this summer to veterans in the most need.

Its organizations like yourself that help keep our mission alive and we can’t thank you enough!!

Sent: Tuesday, December 14th 9:43 AM

Service member is a member of the Minnesota Army National Guard. He returned from Iraq in April and his house was hit by the flood. His insurance did not cover flood damage so the family has been living in a temporary place while repairing the home. They completed all of the repairs and were getting ready to move back. When the furnace and water heater were started up both
failed and the service technician was unable to repair them. They used all their savings to repair the home and are seeking help to replace the furnace and water heater so they can be back in their home. Family Assistance Center staff feels with the grant the repairs can be made and they can truly be home for the Holidays.

Request approval $4500.00
Approval Date: December 14th, 2:30pm
The MMFF has approved a grant of $4500

Sent: Friday, December 03,10:54 AM

Service member is a member of the Minnesota Air National Guard who just returned from his second deployment to Iraq. When he returned he found his water heater was leaking and had damaged his sheetrock and needed to be replaced. He had used his savings to get his wife’s car repaired and can’t afford the deductible to get the damage repaired. Then while on his way to work his car broke down and the stress factor went up even higher. He is seeking help to get the water heater replaced and his car fixed.  He is working through the Family Assistance Center and staff feels that this is just a time where everything went wrong at once and with the grant they will be able to go forward.

Request approval $1640.25
Approval received Dec. 3rd, 3:15pm
The MMFF has approved a grant of $1640.25

Sent: Monday, November 29, 9:34 AM

Service member is with the Minnesota Army National Guard. He was deployed to Iraq and has had numerous issues come up since returning that has depleted their savings. He is married with four children. He has now exhausted his savings and their handicapped modified van broke down. His wife is handicapped and requires a wheelchair so getting the vehicle fixed to go to doctor for appointments is critical. They are seeking a grant to pay for repair of the van. He is working through Family Assistance Center and the staff feels that this situation was caused by numerous things coming up all at once and that if this grant is approved that the family should be able to successfully go forward.

Request approval $2608.00
Grant Approval Date: Nov 29th, 12:45pm
The MMFF has approved a grant of $2608

Sent: Friday, November 19, 11:32 AM

Service member is with the Minnesota Army National Guard. He was deployed to Iraq. When he returned he had issues readjusting and had to deal with those. He is married with three daughters. Just when he thought things were starting to turn around his wife was diagnosed with cancer and was out of work for 6 weeks depleting their savings. She was cleared to return to work on Wednesday of this week and on her way to work the transmission in her car went out. He is working through the Family Assistance Center staff and they feel that with this grant he will be able to get the car repaired and continue on the path to a somewhat normal life.

Request approval $3215.07
Grant Approval Date: Nov. 19th, 1:45pm
The MMFF has approved a grant of $3215.07